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Our philosophy is simple.

Have fun and always do something you love. Our love of design, being creative and of course, tshirts, has created a natural path to Frayed Threads.

Like most lasting things, the concept of Frayed Threads was born out of necessity. We don't live our lives like everyone else and we don't want to dress like everyone else. Before long, we realized we weren't the only ones that felt this way. So, we decided to do something about that.

Here at Frayed Threads, we're big fans of voting with your dollars. We've tried to make this an important part of choosing suppliers that we feel good about doing business with. To read more about our approach to being a responsible clothing company, please visit our Looking Ahead page.

One of the great things about t-shirts is that everyone seems to love wearing them and everyone needs one. They are also a great canvas for expressing yourself and a perfect medium for wearable art. Our approach to making mens t-shirts and womens t-shirts differ in only size considerations. And for you ladies that prefer a size in a men's shirt don't worry, all of the men's designs are printed on American Apparel unisex shirts. We feel your pain, we've been there too. We know what it's like to want a really cool tshirt only to find it doesn't come in a girl's size.

We try not to classify ourselves into any single category or genre of clothing. Many of the styles we're into range from: surf tees, street wear, and every type of indie style inbetween. Ultimately, we decided just to skip the labels altogether and create a line of clothing that stands on its own. Frayed Threads, Where YOU and ART collide, pretty much sums up our approach to making your favorite t-shirt.


- Frayed Threads

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