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About Us

Who are we? What started off as a small idea while two kids in college in 2006, one a photography major and the other an a design major, who were sick of seeing lame tees at all the stores. Turned into the launch of their first tee in 2007. Lots of late night art sessions, ink all over the place, trial and errors and many successes. Then their first official launch in 2009 with a full line of tees for guys and girls. All hand printed on quality American Apparel tshirts in their loft in downtown San Diego.

Fast forward to 2013 and Frayed Threads is now a name in the clothing industry. After being a vendor at various farmer's markets around San Diego, Frayed Threads tees can now be found in two different locations. Since 2009, the Museum of Photographic Arts features two versions of their best selling tee "Snapshot" for guys and girls. Introducing in 2012, the store Make Good (South Park) now sells a handful of their various designs.

They look forward to expanding and creating new designs for years to come. Cheers and welcome to Frayed Threads!









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